April Already?

I lost the change over because I was hip deep in the second draft of To Fire Called.

You read that right. The second draft. I also got the book converted and distributed to betas (who have until tomorrow to get back to me) and I’ve got an editor on speed dial to take the final manuscript as soon as I can get it to her. Look for this ebook by the first of May.

The breakthrough came during a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s event where we challenged each other to write 25k words in 4 days. I wrote 32k in five and hit the end of the book about a week ago.

To answer the usual questions:
1. The ebook is only on KDP (and in KU) because I can’t afford to go wide.

2. I will publish it in paper – maybe as early as the end of May (so I can take it to BaltiCon)

3. Podium is scheduling Jeff Kafer now so the audiobook will probably be out in mid-May as well. That’s beyond my control but they’re eagerly waiting for me to toss the manuscript their way.

In other news:
1. The Tanyth series will be produced in audio this year. How soon is still being negotiated. I will NOT be reading it.

2. The next book is probably going to be Smuggler’s Tales 2, Suicide Run. I’m anxious to get back to that story line to back-fill what you discover in Fire.

3. The Smuggler’s Tales series will be produced in audio, but probably not until 2018, definitely not until I have all three books done, and I won’t be reading those either.

I know that audio is the go-to for some people these days, but I sell fewer audio editions than I do paperbacks and I only offer paperbacks as customer service because they generate just a tiny fraction of my revenue.

Safe voyage.


  1. Fred Smith says:

    Thanks for the news, Nathan–I can’t WAIT !!!! 😉

  2. Charlie Russel says:

    I admit, I love to have the audio to supplement the eBook. So I’m glad that there’s at least enough of us that you’re willing to do it, and Podium is willing to take them on. My normal reading flow is “ebook”, then audio book, and usually a re-read pass. Your books tend to lend themselves particularly well to audio versions (undoubtedly a hold-over from your roots as a storyteller and podcast presenter), so I sometimes start with the audio book first. But only when it comes out simultaneously with the eBook. Cause as soon as I know it’s available, I buy it. Or pre-order, in the case of Audible.

  3. William says:

    Ebook is my goto. I’ve never been a fan of audio books. Must be my ADD. Waiting with baited breath for May!

  4. I’m curious if Natalya and Ishmael will meet out in the deep dark. I’m currently finishing up Full Share on audio for the umpteenth time. I listen on my commute.

  5. AB Dada says:

    Dang I always read the new books on a ship in the Caribbean. I’ll be on one from April 14-23 just shy of release. So close!

  6. I just want to thank you for making the extra effort to get them on audiobook. I am a truck driver and these books power me through my days. I own them all on ebook format as well. Jeffery Kafer does an amazing job. Thank you again for the audio versions.

  7. Sandra Perham says:

    Just wound up my nth reread of the trader’s tales, 22% through ashes. Bated breathe dear man…. Have enjoyed the audio books for car trips but can get by with my kindle reading to me even though the it thinks Con is Connecticut and other odd things.

  8. Bruce R Sheppard says:


    Add this new book to my order when it is ready to ship. Once your schedule permits in June maybe we can coordinate my complete order.

    Thank you Sar and i cant wait to read this new one.


  9. Great news!

  10. Does anybody else besides me think nathan is a better narrator then the professional he hired? In my minds voice I hear him when reading any of his books.

    • For the record (again) I didn’t have any say over the narrator.

      • angie h says:

        can’t wait for the audio book my eyes are not that good and Jeffrey Kafer is good i have all the books and just keep playing them over and over. will smugger’s tail come to audio books

    • I don’t mind the narrator so much as hate the audio quality. There is too much complete silence and it sounds like the voice has had the “radio voice” treatment to up the bass. I couldn’t stand it for more than 30-40 minutes before I gave up and decided to stick with text and the old narrations.

  11. I think everyone would agree we prefer Nathan on audio. Having said that, I prefer Jeffery Kafer over any other Narerater I have heard in the last 20 or so Audio books. Just love the books, keep writing Nathan and Thank You.

  12. Rick Nadler says:

    Hi Nathan,
    Thanks for many hours of pleasurable reading. I particularly appreciate the morality and fairness of your main characters and encourage you to keep up the good work as I’ve completed everything but the Tanyth Series.
    Best wishes,

  13. I am so glad your health has improved and you are flowing with creativity again. It is great to hear you are “in the groove”. I will pre-order the book as soon as I know it is available. I LOVE your books! Your books have great warmth and a feeling of humanity and caring. These qualities give your books great re-read value. I have reread the Share series at least 4 times and still enjoy it with each reading. I look forward to your having a wonderful and productive year to help offset the last terrible year. Thank you for your stories and know how much we love and appreciate you for sharing then with us

  14. Dale Kraemer says:

    Great news on “fire”, eagerly anticipating the ebook. Your tales are incredibly hard to put down, even when I am reading it for the fourth (or fifth or sixth) time ! I love Ishmael, especially when he is teamed up with Pip.
    Thank you !

  15. Ingwalde says:

    Can’t wait…more Pip, and he learned more math! Captain, you were such a tease with that little tidbit, but it was so Pip & Ish that it definitely makes me think we’re in for another great glimpse into the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper. Though I kinda hopin’ Ish gets to go to Mel’s place at some point; I think his classical education combined with his love of food and good sense of humor would lend itself to a few good laughs with that bit of the Darkside.

  16. I have to say that Captain Wang is my most favorite character from all the books that I read. Pip is just that, a pip, and a most wonderful companion for Ish. I have just gone back and read all the books again, twice, getting ready for the next installment. Somehow, I don’t think that Ish, Pip ,Al, and the Chief, are the only folks on that ship looking to take a bite out of the Dardside. Hell, I’m half expecting that reporter, Ms Marsport?, to show up as a stowaway! Why? She’s a reporter and Ish is a story, and about to become an even larger story. Hah! I suppose she could just show up at Dree yes?

    Can’t wait really for the next one, no choice but to wait. See? I’m getting to where I can hardly type straight with my thoughts….wait…what?

  17. Any news on the release date for the next book?

    • No.

      I’ll post when it’s released.

      I will not predict what day that might be.

      • Thanks Cap. Just hoping to have it for a plane ride soon. I can always reread one of the others.

        Thank you for creating great stories that never get old!

  18. Perhaps I should be checking in more frequently, but was just doing another round of “who has something worthwhile coming out?” and saw this posting.

    “To Fire Called” draft has been out to beta readers for weeks now?

    Hell. Yes.

    Looks like I’ll need to pick up Quarter Share again soon so I can slam into the new book at full speed. Looking forward to it 🙂

    (Also, you put me onto “The Sculpted Ship”, which I thank you for.)

  19. I appreciate the effort you’ve made to put your books into paper format for us old fashioned fogies! Thank you. I have made some progress in “kindle-izing” myself since I discovered i could put a kindle book into Amazon’s cloud reader and read it on my laptop. As several in this thread have already said, I am selfishly glad you have been able to continue to write, since I enjoy reading your work so much. Thanks again!

  20. Shannon E Kelley says:

    So excited.

  21. “to fire called” is out on amazon – just bought it

  22. Well … here I am, refreshing my RSS app obsessively, hoping to find a new post announcing the release of the new book with a link to it, and in the end, I have to find out on Facebook, of all places … 😛

    Thank you, sar! 🙂

  23. M. Butler says:

    I am dying to read the next installment! I’ve been a dedicated fan of the Ishmael Wang books and am so os glad to see Pip back in the gang. I just purchased the audio book of “In Ashes Born” from iTunes, and it went far too quickly. Apparently I should make sure to check Facebook… 🙂 Thanks for your great work now and always!