The Trader’s Tales Series

Book 1: Quarter Share

When his mother dies in a flitter crash, eighteen-year-old Ishmael Horatio Wang must find a job with the planet company or leave the system–and NerisCo isn’t hiring.

Book 2: Half Share

Six months in the deep dark. Four very different women. One man discovers what it means to be a spacer.

Book 3: Full Share

Ishmael’s predicament goes from bad to worse when an EMP damages the ship and threatens the lives of everyone on board.

Book 4: Double Share

An inexperienced officer. A dysfunctional ship. Life in the deep dark just got a lot harder.

Book 5: Captain's Share

In a ship where the officers outnumber the crew, can Ishmael keep everybody happy? Welcome to the SC Agamemnon.

Book 6: Owner's Share

Sometimes getting what you want is not enough. What price will Ishmael Pay?


Seeker’s Tales

Book 1: In Ashes Born

Sail along with Ishmael and Company as his voyages continue.

Book 2: To Fire Called

Ishmael tries to find his course in a strange new area of the Western Annex.

Smuggler’s Tales

Book 1: Milk Run

Meet Natalya Regyri and her wingman Zoya Usoko as they explore Toe-Hold space.


Tanyth Fairport Adventures

Book 1: Ravenwood

Tanyth makes one last pilgrimagebut her journey is interrupted when she learns that much of what she knows of the world may not be quite as it seems.

Book 2: Zypheria's Call

Book 2 of Nathan Lowell's Tanyth Fairport Series. Tanyth continues her quest, but can she come to grips with her powers while fighting Zypheria's Call?

Book 3: The Hermit of Lammas Wood

Some journeys take you where you need to be. Now Tanyth must put aside her fear and give herself over to her gifts.