Dog Days

August snuck up on me, in spite of having “Monthly update” on my to-do list for the last week. :/

What am I working on?

Suicide Run. I need to get this baby rolling along. It’s … complicated. I’m struggling to find the focus and motivation I need to push through this mushy middle part and get the story a little more meat. Some days (weeks) are like that.

I still haven’t finalized the edits for South Coast so the paperback is languishing here on my desk, giving me accusing looks and pouting. I need to get that off the desk so I can start on the next paperback conversion.

What am I doing?

Still working on diet, exercise, and meditation. I’m spending upwards of two hours a day just on self-care. The good news: On my last checkup a couple of weeks ago, I’d lost 20 pounds, 4 inches around the middle, and over 2 points on my A1c (from 8.0 down to 5.9). That frees me from the obligation to check glucose twice a day. The bad news: I still need to do what I’ve been doing. I don’t need to be quite so rigid with diet. I can eat more (pushing my calorie intake up to 1500) and I need to consume a few more carbs. I need to keep going with my food log and I’ve kept up glucose monitoring in the morning to check my fasting levels just to make sure I’m not slipping backwards.

I’m hoping that I can start moving my cognitive loading for dealing with this thing to the back burner.

What’s ahead?

I need to get Suicide Run to the editor by mid month – which isn’t that far off.

The Audible edition of To Fire Called should be out this next month according to the latest information from Podium. (ETA: That was my bad. They told me September originally and I don’t know what day it is.)

The Tanyth Fairport Adventures should be available on Audible by year end. I’ve agreed to the deal and made the first payment. Now it’s off my desk until the files come back.


Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Colorado Gold Conference – Denver – Sep 8-10, 2017 (Yikes. I’ve got three presentations there which I need to prep!)

MileHighCon – Denver – Oct 27-29, 2017

COSine – Colorado Springs – Jan 19-21, 2018


  1. Do you know who is going to narrate Tanyth Fairport Adventures?

    • Not yet. I have right of approval, though, so it’ll be somebody who sounds right to me.

  2. Gina Yarley says:

    I certainly hope To Fire Called will be published soon in book form = just love this series. Keep up working on taking care of yourself, too.

    • It’s already in book form, Gina.

      It won’t be in paperback for a while (where “while” is measured in months, not weeks).

  3. I was going to ask if you had an update on the audio book so thanks for the update.

    Keep it up, it is good to hear you getting into better health.

  4. Charlie Russel says:

    “The Audible edition of To Fire Called should be out this month according to the latest information from Podium.”

    Good news. It’s not showing on Audible yet, but as soon as it does, I’ll be (pre-)ordering it. I’ve saved a credit just for it. 😀

  5. Congratulations on your lower A1C reading … keep up the good work.
    – A long-standing diabetic

  6. Wow, way to go on the eating and weight loss. It sounds like it’s really paid off.

  7. Melissa Britton says:

    Take care of yourself, please! We love hearing what’s up next, the different aspects of our favorite books and how they change, and what your looking forward to.

  8. Charlie Russel says:

    The Audible version of To Fire Called is now showing for pre-order on I won’t try to post a link to avoid issues with the forum software, but if you go to plus ‘/pd/Sci-Fi-Fantasy/To-Fire-Called-Audiobook/B07576VS4Q’ it should show for you. Else, do an advanced search on Nathan Lowell, and select “Coming Soon” for the release date.

    FWIW, I’ve pre-ordered mine already. 🙂