Happy 2017

I’ll remember 2016, not exactly fondly but not exactly with warm regards. Mostly I’ll remember the great fans and getting Milk Run out the door finally. I’ll remember it because it’s the year I started my bullet journal and I’m looking forward to increased productivity in 2017.

On the plate:

  1. Finishing To Fire Called. I’m 65k words into it and I think I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque. I’ll find it right path and finish it as soon as I can.
  2. Suicide Run is waiting in the wings and we’ll see how Natalya Regyri fares against the universe.
  3. By Darkness Forged falls after that. I have an idea where this is all going, but getting there – well – that’s the journey, isn’t it?
  4. Home Run should round out a year of four releases. Yeah, I know I’ve tried to do this before and failed. Maybe 2017 will be the year I repeat 2007 with four releases in a single year.

Other stuff:

  1. I’m working with a different production company to produce Tanyth’s stories. I’ve seen the contract and it’s not horrible but I’m dragging my feet for the moment.
  2. Travel: I’ll be at COSine in Colorado Springs in January. I’m planning on BaltiCon in May and MileHighCon again in October.

That’s about it from here other than to thank you all for hanging in through what has been a very hard year for all of us. I’m doing my best and looking forward to doing even better in the coming months.

Here’s hoping each of you have a safe – and profitable – voyage.



  1. Happy New year Nathan!
    Have enjoyed all your books, ready Ashes so quick couldn’t believe the word count. Glad to hear progress on the clipper story line, but where has Cape Grace fallen to?

    • Cape Grace is still in my queue with 30k words on the story. I’m going for four books this year which means Cape Grace won’t get keyboard time until 2018. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Sara Letzo says:

    Do you have a goal date for the release of To Fire Called? Give us something to look forward to during the dreary winter months, please! Can’t wait to find out where Ishmael is headed next!!

  3. We Want Tanyth!

    Also, you know, all the other stuff.

    • I want Tanyth but I won’t be visiting her again this year – unless I license the audio for Audible production.

  4. Carla Epstein-Teliha says:

    I love your response to Ms. Letzo. Mind if I use it? I too am anxiously awaiting the next book. In the meantime, when I get too depressed and disgusted I will just reread everything you have written so far – again! Your books just make me feel better. Wishing you a very happy new year.

  5. Jon Barnett says:

    A spin off project for someone ( not me -I didn’t volunteer SOMEONE ELSE!)

    The Solar Clipper receipe book
    Cookies spicy beefalo
    The chicken and pasta dishes

    Some of Christine Malloney’s French dishes
    Of course Frank’s Finest

  6. Julian Adlam says:

    Thank you Mr Lowell for an excellent holidays. Read Quarter Share on the 22nd Dec and then all the other Traders Tales, twice. Also read Ashes and am now starting Ravenwood. Have discovered that its really quiet at 3am. Sorry 0300.

    Hope you get your 4 in this year. Good luck!

  7. Lisa Freitas says:

    Please send all your books to Audible. I’ve migrated all my reading to audio books so I can ‘read’ no matter what I’m doing ๐Ÿ˜‰ mostly… I so love Jeffrey Kafer’s narration for the clipper series I would be embarrassed to tell you how often I’ve listened to the series (I just finished Ashes again). Love the Clipper series, so thanks for your hard work and diligence in creating such a great story with great characters.

    Happy New Year!

  8. whats a post without a Bug’s Bunny reference. Have a great year Captain

  9. Ian Lumsden says:

    “Iโ€™ll remember it because itโ€™s the eyar I started my bullet journal and Iโ€™m looking forward to increased productivity in 2017.”

    eyar-> year

    Thanks for more Wong. Listened to Ashes on Audible. Narrator was as good as you.

    • fixed. thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ian Lumsden says:

        I just saw “Ishmael Wang” written and realized I have never seen it written before. That’s what I get for enjoying the audio format and sorry about “Wong.” And stop reading this blog and get back to writing. Four this year. Four.

  10. MICHELE DAVIS says:

    Hello Dr. Lowell,
    I just finished Trader Tales and will be looking for more Captain Wong audio books, as I thoroughly enjoyed the podio books. They were a welcome relief from work and school. I am starting the dissertation phase of my EDD in Education, emphasis in Adult Education. My Masters is in Instructional Media, and I do enjoy Instructional Design. I am full time faculty for an online, non-profit university so I can relate to your background in distance learning. I am also a fan of H. Beam Piper as looking at the cultural differences of a few decades is amazing. I will look for you at Balticon as I want to attend, I am a bit of a geek. I look forward to meeting you as much as I did Todd Lockwood. I like your reading style, you have a good voice for it, and your inflection for each character was great; not too over the top. I enjoyed the Tanyth story and do hope you iron out the issues with the production company, as I see that as being as exciting as the Trade series was, just in a different way. Have a wonderful new year.
    Michele D.

  11. Richard Cartwright says:

    Who will be doing the Milk Run audio book?

  12. Jason Nichols says:

    I just want to put out there that I am very impressed by your Clipper Series. I have loved the story, listening to your rendition, has been great every time. You write some really good Sci-Fi, its futuristic, but not out of this world, you made a way-away story that grittily keeps one planted to reality.
    In Ashes Born was simply an answer to a need when the Trader Tales books ended, and then Ashes was there, I was so happy. I can barely stand the idea that To Fire Called isn’t done yet.

    I saw you said Milk Run is not going audio, and my question is why? I was really hoping it was coming soon. I simply just don’t have the time to read anymore, I listen on the road, so that kills me.

    Anyway, I just wanted to be one more person who could let you know that you and your stories are awesome.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jason.

      Milk Run will get audio. It’s not a high priority item because I need to get the new stories out and finding a production company takes time and attention I don’t have.