Happy Hollandaise

The year is wrapping up. I wish this story would.

I’m still grinding away on Suicide Run – Book 2 in the Smuggler’s Tales. I’ve got lots and lots of words but the story isn’t there yet. Fingers crossed that I’ll at least get a first draft by month end.

I’ve got South Coast almost ready for paperback with Milk Run and To Fire Called on deck for conversion.

Artistic Whispers is still working on the Audible versions of Tanyth Fairport Adventures.

Podium is caught up with me on Ishmael Wang stories. They’re just waiting for the final book – By Darkness Forged – as are many of you, I’m sure.

Yes, Cape Grace is still on the table, but with three other books that need to get done, it’s going to be a bit before I get back to it. I’m also hoping to get back to Tanyth Fairport and the land of Korlay eventually. Then there are the new Ishmael Wang books that will pick up where the Seekers’ Tales end.

I’m not planning on quitting any time soon.

In travel news, I’ll be at COSine in Colorado Springs in January and in Austin, TX, at the Smarter Artists Summit in February (courtesy of Podium).

I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season. With any luck, I’ll have a belated present for you early next year.


  1. Michael K says:

    Thanks for the update Captain. Your stories are always worth the wait. Hope you have an amazing holiday season. Safe voyage.

    Michael K.

  2. Michael Johnston says:

    Thanks for the update – I am on my 4th (5th?) re-reading of the Seeker’s tales, so I hope that By Darkness Forged is not too far away, though I understand the workload! Good to know that there will be new Ishmael Wang books after Seeker’s Tales….saving a new female character for Ishmael’s love interest, I wonder if Christine will re-appear….

    Have a great holiday season!

  3. Keep at it!! We are so very happy with all your work. Looking forward to Suicide Run and In Darkness Forged. Do you have a specific tentative month for these two books? I know it’s hard to pinpoint sometimes, but an estimate helps us readers relax and not keep asking for the latest books.
    So happy to hear more books with Ishmael Wang is coming, it’s one of my most beloved characters and stories. Have a great Holiday Season!!!

    • I’m trying to get the first draft for Suicide Run finished by the end of December – which would put the release around February.

      Home Run will come after that.

      By Darkness Forged after that. I’m hoping to have all three of these books out where you can buy them by the end of June but I’ve GOT to get better at putting words on the page.

  4. Merry Christmas Nathan. Thanks for the updates I’m sure the books will come out when they’re good and ready.

  5. I listen to your stories in big chunks, like the whole Ish series in a row, quite regularly. It never gets old and my wife makes fun of me for doing it, but it is just so relaxing. Keep up the great work and keep them coming. We all wish you the best. Safe voyage!