Ides Of March

Well, almost. That new month snuck up on me and I’ve been trying to catch up for a week.

There is good news.

Not that good news. To Fire Called is still on the word processor, but I think I’ve found the problem and I’ve been beavering away to get it settled so I can get this book off my desk and onto your readers.

I’ve had some great help and good advice from a variety of folks. I’m grateful to all of you.
– In other news:

  • I still have the galley for South Coast here on my desk. It looks lonely.
  • I haven’t converted Milk Run to paper yet so there’s not even a galley for it. I will get it into Audible. Eventually.
  • I haven’t made any progress on getting the Tanyth stories into Audible yet. That will probably happen this year.

A few people have asked about my meditation. I started a program a couple of months ago and it’s been very helpful. It’s called Headspace and you can find out more about it at The first 10 lessons are free but after that it costs. I paid for a year and don’t regret a penny of it. YMMV.


  1. May the wind be always at your back Capn’ ! One foot in front of the other and all that… It’ll work out. I just re-read (again…) quarter share, half share and In Ashes born…. in addition to my normal listening of your original podiobooks over and over and over. Always happy when a new one comes out, but comforted by “my dear old friends” on a regular basis as well. Thanks for your wonderful stories, and keeping at them for us!

  2. Dale Kraemer says:

    Hang in there! Your stories are worth waiting for !

  3. Thanks for the update! It is a sign of the esteem that so many of us hold you in that we are pining away waiting for your next book. I have now read Trader’s Tales at least 3 times, some of them more (but who’s counting?) and Seeker’s In Ashes Born at least 4 times (?) so I am panting and breathless (I know, can’t do both at same time but the image is good!) hoping for the next Seeker’s Tale. Hang in there! Can I pre-order for my Kindle?

  4. Slamlander says:

    This is now 4Apr17 but I have been exactly where you are 😉 No, it is indeed no fun when you find that you’ve cornered yourself 😉 I also find myself learning a new set of skills with Daz 3D studio.

    I am very much looking forward to “To Fire called” I was very surprised where you went with “Milkrun”. I see those two lines converging if not occasionally touching. I very much like Natalya.

  5. Slamlander says:

    BTW, a disruption of thought due to last Nov election is understandable. I lost about 6 weeks of work due to that.