Narrations & Voice Acting

I’ve been blessed by getting to work with a lot of very cool people on different projects. This is a list of some of those works:

Narrations for Other People:

Protecting Project Pulp #51 The Witch Doctor Seeks Vengence (July, 2013)

Crime City Central #51 Blue Murder (July, 2013)

StarShipSofa #228 Observation Post (November, 2012)

Walk The Fire Episode #2 A Flame In The Night (October 2012)

Psuedopod #302 Singing By The Fire (October 2012)

Crime City Central #8 Shooter (September 2012)

Escape Pod #357 Connoisseurs of the Eccentric” (August 2012)

Tales to Terrify #27 – Illimitable Dominion (June 2012)

Tales to Terrify #6 “Halloween Lights” (Feb 2012)

Tales to Terrify #4 “How Pappy Got Five Acres Back” (Feb 2012)

Ted Kosmatka & Michael Poor’s “Blood Dauber” – Narrated for StarShipSofa (Oct 5, 2011).

BaltiCon 45 “The Hidalgo” – recorded live at BaltiCon 45 for the BaltiCon Podcast (Oct 4, 2011)

John Mierau’s “Enemy Lines:Transmissions” (Dec 2010)

Allen M. Steele’s “Emperor of Mars” – Narrated for StarShipSofa 168. The story was picked up for the Year’s Top Ten in Science Fiction Volume 3 and Mr. Steele asked that my reading be included in the audio version. This story (originally appearing in Asimov’s) won the 2011 Hugo (Novelette). (Dec 2010)

Tad William’s “The Tenth Muse” – Narrated for StarShipSofa 164. This story was originally published in The New Space Opera 2. (Nov 2010)

Michael J. Sullivan’s “The Crown Conspiracy” – Narrated for (July, 2010)

Voice Acting:

Veronica Giguere’s Fear of Thought (April 2014)

Abbie Hilton’s Guild of the Cowry Catchers (April 2014)

Campfire Theatre’s Production of The Dentist (Sep 2013)

Katharina Maimer’s Wiener Blut (Feb 2011)

J. Daniel Sawyer’s “Down From Ten” (Gerd Falkstein) (Oct 2010)

Chris Lester’s “Metamore City: Dreams of Change/Ben” (Jun 2010)

PC Haring’s “Cybrosis” (Mar 2010)

Paulette Jaxton’s “The Empress Sword” (Jan 2010)

Justin Macumber’s “The Ties That Bind – Tales of the Breaking Dawn: Part 4” (Nov 2009)

J. Daniel Sawyer’s “Antithesis Progression: Book 1 and 2” (Sen. William Shelley) (Jul 2008)

Paulette Jaxton’s “Form Letter Rejection Theatre 01: Divine Fire” (Jul 2008)

P.G. Holyfield’s Murder at Avedon Hill (Jun 2007)