November Now!

Sorry about that. I just realized that November had started and I forgot to add a status post. With everything going on, I forgot.

I’m still grinding away on To Fire Called and have Suicide Run loaded into NaNoWriMo’s profile for November. I don’t know if I’m going to get to it but it’s ready in case I can. It’s a bit of incentive to try for 50k before the end of the month to move this along a little.

Jeffrey Kafer’s Audible narration of Owner’s Share is now available for pre-order and In Ashes Born should be out mid-December. Podium wants To Fire Called as soon as I can get it to them but then we’ll have a bit of a delay while I get Suicide Run done and get By Darkness Forged written. I wouldn’t look for Suicide Run before February or By Darkness Forged before April.

I’ve started a bullet journal to help me stay focused. I learned about it from a video for ADHD brains (See @HowToADHD on YouTube) and – so far – it’s been spectacular at getting my head back in the game and helping to keep it there. I’ve done more work in the last couple of weeks than I’ve done in the previous few months. (For more info on bullet journals see Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal website and blog.)




  1. Anita Lewis says:

    I better get busy with listening to the audio. I’m way behind on that, but I’m liking Jeffrey Kafer. I finished Full Share recently.

    I don’t think ADHD is a problem for me, but I am using the Bullet Journal, thanks to you, and it helps me do things rather than put them off. There is something about writing it down by hand, and seeing it often, that helps. Also, a big plus is taking those few minutes at night to write up the next day’s stuff. Mine is very, very plain. I also began a page for habits which is not as helpful as the main body. I’ll be listening for how you do with that. I’m wondering if putting those things on the page with the other ToDos on the night before might be better.

    • I talked about that this morning actually. I think having everything on the daily page makes a bigger impression on my brain. I’m going to give the habit tracker a solid trial (it’s only been a few days) but I’m not averse to 1) doing both or 2) skipping the habit tracker altogether.

  2. Glad you found The Bullet Journal. I LOVE mine. It helps me a lot too. If I don’t write stuff down I forget it. Happy writing Sar!

  3. Asian nerd says:

    Nathan lowell I’m a hugh fan of almost all your works. I listened to the podcast first then bought all your books. I WISH you would have done the narration yourself on the new audio books. Its almost painful to hear the narrative mangling your work….please consider doing all your own narration if you have time. I’d rather pay for your podicast versions.

    • The problem is the time.

      I’ve reserved works that are not licensed to Podium. We’ll see how it shakes out.

    • Philip Handley says:

      Captain, I totally understand your busy schedule… And that you have to out put your efforts where they make sense, tokeep your creative juices flowing, so you can continue working on the stories that we all love and crave. I too found you books on podiobooks, and I still listen to those over over and over. You are my nearly constant companion during my commute, and often as I lay in bed awaiting slumber. Your voice was a huge part of the experience for me – your viice soothing, expresaive, and brings your characters to life. That said, I have to agree with Asian nerd’s sentiments… It was truly painful hearing the stiff, almost mechanical voice of the new narrator. If you find that you don’t have the time to do the narration yourself… I implore you to exert whatever influence you can to find a different narrator…someone that can bring the stories to life as you do.

  4. Bruce Sheppard says:


    I’ve started to listen to your morning walks…..inspiring……

  5. Are we due for a November Surprise? 🙂

  6. Calum Montanye says:

    I’ve found myself checking g Amazon and here daily in hopes of an update on the next book. Though, I’m sure I’m not alone.

    • I check almost daily. I take a lot of cruises solo and seem to always reread the Share books every time. Double Share still gives me goosebumps every time I read that last chapter.