Watch This Space

More and more indie authors rise to the surface every day. Across a variety of genres in a variety of forms, new voices speak to new readers from around the world. Too often I feel constrained by what I can recommend to my core fans and so I don’t share as much about these new voices as I might.

I’m partial to novels and so overlook shorter works. I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, but occasionally dip into other genres. I wanted a place where authors – including me – can talkĀ about the books they enjoy rather than the books they write.

For readers, I want this to be a place where you can find interesting new authors and participate in the conversation about titles that might not be at the fore front of the store front.

I’ve started collecting reviews. I hope to post a fresh review three times a week but that will depend on how many other authors I can convince to play along. I’m looking forward to the experiment.

Watch this space.



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