The Only City Left



Generally speaking, I don’t like first person point-of-view (POV). I find it constricting in an uncomfortable sort of way because a lot of authors do it poorly. It’s a delicate balance of keeping things interesting around the main character, while also giving the reader the impression that there are still important things going on in the larger world.

That said, Andy Goldman pulled it off beautifully. The only point I had difficulty with was Allin’s ceaseless and unflappable desire to see the Roof of the World. I knew he wanted to, and it was important to him, but it never came across clearly in the book why this one particular goal was such a strong driving force for him that he would put his life in jeopardy. But then, he doesn’t sound like he had much to live for at the start, anyway.

The scenery was described with just enough information to paint a picture in the reader’s mind without going overboard. Some of the places in the City were downright creepy and one left me feeling uncomfortable. I still feel a knot in my stomach thinking about it!

The cast of characters is interesting and different from anything I’ve read before, and I loved the cats. I kind of want to dress up my cat Bob in a poncho and rename him Tumble. Except my lazy beast has little in common with the adventurous cat depicted in this book.

Without getting into spoilers, the ending is satisfying. That’s a big one for me with books lately, because I’ve been finding endings that are either half-assed or just dropped right in the middle of things in an attempt to get me to buy the next book to see how it continues. Those types of tactics don’t work with me. I hate that, and will often refuse to get the second book on principle.

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