Cold Comfort

cold_comfortCold Comfort by E.W. Abernathy is a powerful story, an exploration of the intersections of mental health and law, and the ways that people are helped and harmed in the name of the public good.

John Colucci was nineteen years old when he was declared incompetent and committed to a mental institution after being involved in a violent crime. The problem is that he doesn’t actually remember what happened. The story begins when he is released after eight years of institutional life, into the care of his sister and brother-in-law. His sister doesn’t know what to do with him, and his policeman brother-in-law is convinced he’s dangerous and should still be locked away. Then, John falls in love…with a journalist. As the mystery of what happened eight years ago unfolds, Abernathy keeps the plot tense and leaves plenty of room for doubt. Red herrings had me second-guessing my own theories as I read.

I recommend it for readers who like psychological thrillers and underdogs.

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