Kiya: Hope Of The Pharaoh

kiyaKiya: Hope of the Pharaoh by Katie Hamstead is the first book of a YA historical romance trilogy.

Set in ancient Egypt during the reign of Akhenaten, the story centers around a young Hebrew woman who becomes the newest bride of the pharaoh. Naomi has always been an unusual girl, headstrong and difficult, the favorite of her father, who educated her beyond the teachings generally offered to women. When the Egyptian guards show up, demanding a bride for the pharaoh, she steps up and takes the role in order to rescue her sisters. Once in Egypt, she becomes Kiya, the Egyptian name chosen for her. Nefertiti, the most powerful of the pharoah’s wives, takes an instant dislike to the young woman and connives against her from the start. Kiya’s heart is pulled in several directions at once in her new position, where she is immediately pulled into court intrigues and she must learn quickly how best to bring about change, without losing her life or her true self in the process.

It’s a great book for those who like history and romance intermixed.

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