A Change Of Life

Change_of_LifeThe novel is A Change of Life, the second book in an unusual superhero series by author Samantha Bryant. First the good: In the first few chapters, I found myself laughing out loud at the pluck of these ‘in-over-their-heads-and-know it’ women of unusual talent. Despite their ironic dilemmas, though, they muddle through quite well, actually. Much better than I ever would faced with the same indignities and dramatic physical changes to person and persona.

And that’s what I liked about this story. For me, it was like watching ordinary friends and relatives cope with a dramatic turn in their lives, in this case, women becoming superhuman, their personalities intact, despite the consequential transitions each has undergone, with all the accompanying discomforts and steep, uncomfortable learning curves.

Written in a very approachable, homey, ‘everyday suburban woman’ style, the story comes in from the up close and very personal perspectives of the myriad main characters. We follow their sometimes too detailed movements as they search for answers to something nobody is quite sure of, except for finding….

Never mind that. Almost slipped there, and I refuse to give anything away in this tale of reluctant heroines. But I will say this: This isn’t your ordinary superhero action-adventure. Not at all.

Now for the bad news. There are a couple of boo-boos here and there–stuff that’s easy to miss when you’re the author, deep in it, but which stand out glaringly to those coming new to the story. Physics gets bent and even defiled a couple of times, and there’s the odd grammatical faux pas, but, all in all, A Change of Life is a well-conceived, well-written read for those who enjoy the superheroine genre.

About The Reviewer:

DLKeur_1_400x600D. L. Keur is an artist, a musician, and an author in her own right. Her titles span multiple genres and include science fiction (Aeros), paranormal mainstream and psychological suspense (E. J. Ruek), and Western Romance/Family Saga (C. J. “Country” James).

You can find her and her novels online at DLKeur.com.

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