The Devil You Know

devil_you_knowOld Hollywood intermixes with demon hunting to make a pulp adventure well worth the read.

Our heroine, Marie, is a good woman, widowed in the war, living a quiet life as a church secretary, and getting her small thrills by reading Weird Tales in magazines. That is, until a friend drags her along to a Hollywood party and, as a result, changes her life forever. While there, both women come into contact with some very unusual men—men who aren’t really men at all, but demons. Incubi in the service of a rich and dangerous man. Incubi that Marie eventually has to hunt.

The novel is rich in time period details and pulp tropes while still presenting characters sympathetic to a modern reader. Despite potentially dark material, such as demons, widowhood, and post-traumatic stress disorder, the story has a light touch and reads quickly and smoothly.

Given that the main baddies in this story are incubi who find their victims while walking around in the guise of Hollywood stars like Errol Flynn and Cary Grant, there is, of course, a fair amount of sex. So, buyer beware if that’s not your cup of tea.

While I liked the ending very much, some parts of the story dragged a bit for me. Marie spends maybe a bit too much time dithering and coming up with a plan before she finally starts fighting, but once she does, the story takes off. It’s a real page-turner in the end.

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