earthriseEarthrise is an interstellar cargo ship, captained by Theresa Eddings (aka Reese), and crewed by an assortment of human-variation species and some true aliens. They’re just scraping by, always hoping that the next run is finally going to give them breathing room, but it never seems to. In fact, they wouldn’t even be out there but for the long-ago help of a mysterious stranger, and now that stranger has called in the favor.

The request seems simple: Go to a backwater world, find a man named Hirianthial, and break him out of the local jail. With a few bumps along the way, they manage it, but then it gets dicey. Hirianthal is no ordinary man. In fact, he is an Eldritch, a race whose telepathic abilities have forced them into isolation,
and beyond that, his own history with the Eldritch is clouded in mystery. And the locals who put him in jail aren’t happy that Reese took him.

Reese and Hirianthial clash, but they also work well together, with both of them rising to the occasion when the other needs help. I’ll say I was caught by surprise when a romance subplot began, mostly because I wasn’t expecting it, and I generally don’t enjoy that kind of plot. However, this one was good, and it did not make me want to smack the two of them for their foibles. In fact, I’m feeling drawn to the sequels to see how this plays out.

But as I said, the romance is a subplot. In the foreground we have pirates with a mind towards revenge and naval officers who only seem to help enough to get Reese and her crew into even more danger. Don’t come looking for huge space battles, but expect the occasional explosion and plenty of tension as Reese and her crew look for any way to keep the Earthrise flying.

About the reviewer:

dan_thompsonDan Thompson started writing fiction at the age of ten. Luckily for the world, all copies of that early Star Wars rip-off have been lost to time and Sith retaliation. Moving on from that six-page handwritten epic, he has self-published two books with more on the way – honest!

He lives near Austin with his wife and three children, drives old police cars, wears kilts when the weather permits, and is generally considered to be the weirdo next door. Fortunately, the neighbors don’t know how weird he really is.

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