immortalImmortal is the second book of the Genesis Endeavor Series and continues the story that began with The Freezer. Jack Taggart has settled into his new world, and position, but all is not well. He soon discovers there are even deeper agendas being pursued by both known and unknown adversaries. Even more intriguing are several new discoveries that appear to have connections to the world he left behind. Jack must walk a tightrope, balancing his pursuit of the truth with his need to protect his new life, all while maintaining peace among his people and with the outside world. Things don’t go exactly as planned, however, and the results prove to be both tense and surprising.

As before Mr. Kersten skillfully weaves multiple stories, settings, and characters to a satisfying culmination, without tying everything up too neatly. As with The Freezer I hated putting the book down each night and can hardly wait for the next chapter.

About the reviewer:

bl-alleyAs a boy I escaped the real world by reading everything from The Hardy Boys to darker tales by Poe and Jacobs. Even with such diverse literary tastes, my primary interest has always been science fiction. I also created my own stories in high school and college, but never considered writing anything long form until 2006. That’s when an abandoned roadside attraction called Twin Arrows sparked an idea for a story.

With my passion for storytelling rekindled I wrote when I could, and in early 2014 Arbor Day was published. During that time I came up with other ideas for novels, including a ghost story titled The Diamond, and one involving time travel, titled Relative Age. I also developed the remaining notes for Arbor Day into a pair of follow-up novels, Titan Mine and Plan B, and The Arosil Series was complete.

I currently reside in Northern Arizona but can be found online at

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