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fullers-apprenticeAs far as I know, I’ve never met Angela Holder. After the last few reviews, I thought I better get that out of the way right off the bat. I started the Chronicles of Tevenar in January, 2016, and devoured them as fast as I could get them.

I’m a sucker for different magic systems. Tevenar’s magic is different. The source of the magic is ineffable, of course, but the implications of the magic and the way it plays out in the lives of Josiah, Elkin, and the familiar, Sar, add a richness to what might otherwise be another traveling mage story. Trust me on this. While there’s a lot of traveling, this is not a traveling mage story.

The politics of the guilds, the difficulties that having magic and mundane living side-by-side, and even the nature of the magic itself led me along the path with nary a bump or jostle. I enjoyed each of the (so far) four book series. I’m probably being optimistic in hoping there’ll be a fifth, but hope springs eternal and this rich universe certainly has room for another.

As always, don’t take my word for it. Why don’t you grab a sample and see what you think?

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