Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring Do

Dan’s a friend and colleague. He does my covers and we’re negotiating on having him produce some audio for me. In spite of that, I’m going to review this book. He’ll laugh because he knows I hate it.

Yeah. You read that correctly. I hate this book. More precisely I hate Rob. Rob’s a jerk. Ego-centric. Stupidly self-absorbed. Dan calls Rob a magnificent bastard. I just call him aggravating. Complete and total schmuck.

To be clear, I read the whole book – not just because Dan’s a friend – but because I wanted to see what stupidity would result from this twerp’s efforts at being a post modern, deep-space Evil Knieval. I read it all the way through, detesting this character and the problems he brought on himself. I still think about this book, years later.

And that’s why I’m reviewing it. Dan’s a master. He set out to make a thoroughly unlikable character as protagonist of an engaging story. He succeeded. There’s a lesson there and maybe I’m just not the right audience for this kind of anti-hero. Maybe there’s an audience for something this aggravating.

So, grab a sample and see if you hate it as much as I do.

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