Finding great new books to read has never been easier. My “to be read” pile continues to grow at a remarkable pace. In spite of that I’m always on the lookout for a new title, something I haven’t seen before from somebody I might not have read.

I’m also reading all the time and find titles I’d like to share with my readers, but which don’t fit neatly into my regular blogs where I talk about my own books so I decided to make a new place where I can talk about books I read instead of the ones I write.

Along the way I thought it would be fun – and interesting – to invite some of my author peers to submit indie* works that they’ve enjoyed. The goal is to offer up some reviews of new titles that my fellow writers have found and enjoyed.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and find some great new authors for your own collections here at Peer Reviewed.

*By “indie” works I mean books that have been self published. There are many places for small and large press titles to be seen. Here isn’t one of them.