Are you an author? Would you like to review somebody else’s work in this space?

We publish reviews of self published books. Readers complain that it’s too hard to find the good stuff in the self-publishing world. This blog is my effort to collect the best so readers ┬áhave a place to look.

We’ll need

  1. A review (150-500 words)
  2. A link to that book
  3. A short bio on you (100-150 words)
  4. A headshot/avatar image of the reviewer
  5. A link to the reviewer’s website

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Tip: Pay-it-forward. If somebody reviews your book and you want to review one, consider reviewing somebody else’s work. The appearance of quid pro quo reviews weakens both of you even if it’s not real.

I reserve the right to refuse any review for no reason whatsoever. It’s unlikely to happen, but in case something comes in that I can’t publish in good conscience, I won’t publish it.