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Searching For Summer

searching_summerSearching for Summer by Christine Campbell is a heart-tugging story of a mother (Mirabelle) searching for her daughter (Summer) who has gone missing in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Campbell did a wonderful job with the emotions of the whole experience and had me hoping for the best for her characters throughout as I read. Mirabelle was very real to me, especially, and I expect to enjoy her character in later novels of The Reluctant Detective series.

As an American reader, I also really enjoyed the sneak peek into police procedure and how people talk in another place. Makes me want to visit Edinburgh again and see the sites for myself. While Searching for Summer is a missing person’s mystery, it’s also a women’s fiction novel, focused on Mirabelle’s internal journey to understand the relationships in her life (with her daughter, long-lost father, and boyfriend) as well as her external journey to find her missing daughter.

About The Reviewer:

BRYANT-CroppedSamantha Bryant is a middle school Spanish teacher by day and a mom and novelist by night. That makes her a superhero all the time. Her debut novel, Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel is now for sale by Curiosity Quills.

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