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chimerasChimeras by E.E. Giorgi is an engaging detective story with a noir tone, set in Los Angeles at its grittiest.

Track Perseus is a policeman, but his “nose” for clues is a little more literal than most. He’s a chimera, with the vision and sense of smell of a predator. It puts him an interesting position where he knows things that can’t be ascertained by the court-admissible evidence and has to find back-up to prove the facts to his partner and the department. Whether you are a detective story fan or intrigued by the possibilities of science and genetic engineering, there’s something here for you. Track is hard-boiled in that tradition of noir detectives, troubled and dangerous both in love and work, but with a solid center of righteousness.

There’s plenty of intrigue and his own past and personal issues intermix with the case in a complicated and fascinating mess.

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