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The Asphalt Warrior

Asphalt cover_Layout 1Gary Reilly will never know how beautiful his stories are. He has a good excuse. He passed away in 2011. One of my colleagues with the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers – Mark Stevens – inherited the trunk load of manuscripts and has been trying to get them out to the world ever since.

The Asphalt Warrior is the first in a series of humorous, noir adventures of a veteran taxi driver in Denver. Part of the charm – for me anyway – is recognizing the city landmarks. The real genius is the way Reilly display’s Brendan Murphy’s inner landscape. His quirky habits, his inner life, his outlook on the world seem both familiar and fascinating. Like seeing an intersection you’ve driven through a hundred times from the direction you’ve never traveled.

I picked up the first book just last week and I’m still shaking. It’s that good. I’d like to be that good. Someday, if I keep at it, maybe I will.

Grab a sample and settle in. You can thank me later.

About the reviewer:

NathanLowell_150x150Nathan Lowell has been writing science fiction and fantasy most of his life. He started publishing in 2007 and has no intention of stopping any time soon.

Learn more about Nathan Lowell and his works at http://nathanlowell.com

[Transparency: I never met Gary Reilly. I wish I had. I have met Mark Stevens and feel richer for it. I have no financial stake in the production of these works although I’m helping Mark get the ebooks into shape so more people can meet Murph. He’s not paying me for the labor and I won’t take anything in exchange. I feel that strongly about the stories that Gary Reilly has left behind. I’m honored to be able to help. That’s payment enough.]

Queen Klutz

queen_klutzI don’t read a lot of humor, and I’m not a reader of “inspiring” books like Chicken Soup for the Soul and the like, so this book was a little bit of a stretch for me. But the more I read, the more I laughed. Queen Klutz is a collection of vignettes about life’s travails and troubles, and the author’s meeting of those moments with a sunny-side-up attitude.

I found I really enjoyed the stories. I gasped, winced, and laughed as a read, and felt inspired by Marti Lawerence’s infectious and delightful attitudes.

The chapters are short, and make for good reading in snippets in the short empty spaces of a busy life. I read it on my phone, one vignette at a time in all the waiting spaces of my day. I appreciated the way each chapter left me feeling uplifted, amused, and appreciative of the good things in my life.

I recommend this one if you need a boost and a reminder that a bad day doesn’t have to keep you down.

About The Reviewer:

BRYANT-CroppedSamantha Bryant is a middle school Spanish teacher by day and a mom and novelist by night. That makes her a superhero all the time. Her Menopausal Superhero series is available on Amazon or can be requested at your favorite book store: Book 1: Going Through the Change, Book 2: Change of Life, and (upcoming in 2017) Face the Change.

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The Square Peg Book

square_pegDo not drink. Do not eat powdery or crumbly things while reading this book. You are forewarned. …Because you will wind up inhaling something down the wrong pipe as you gasp in a fit of hysteria. Now, not all the episodes in this droll tome will have you grasping your sides, but a fair share of them will. That’s sure. The rest? You’ll nod sagely, recognizing, dare I say, yourself, your in-laws, your neighbors and friends, and, yes, even your sworn enemies.

S. Bradley Stoner nails suburban life to the wall, then proceeds to expose all its undersides in hilarious and, sometimes, uncomfortably candid detail.  From the steamed green lady to the gab-gad-about gossip, from the dig-himself-into-the-doghouse dufus to the know-it-all ne’er-do-well, you’ll recognize them all, though the faces you see in your mind’s eye won’t match the faces your neighbor sees when he reads the same lines. But your wife will nod wisely as she quirks a small smile your way when you read her some choice, juicy passage, you seeing yourself in the protagonist’s shoes whilst she’s seeing you . . . never mind.

I give The Square Peg Book a four-star . . . because there are some minor editing issues. S. Bradley Stoner’s a darned fine writer, but, yes, like all of us, he misses some stuff when he knows better.  Still, pound for pound, I found no more faults in this work than I find in something put out by HarperCollins, though I know, anymore, that’s not saying much.

About The Reviewer:

DLKeur_1_400x600D. L. Keur is an artist, a musician, and an author in her own right. Her titles span multiple genres and include science fiction (Aeros), paranormal mainstream and psychological suspense (E. J. Ruek), and Western Romance/Family Saga (C. J. “Country” James).

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