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Secret Blend

The first book of Jennifer Bramseth’s Bourbon Springs series hooked me. I knew nothing about bourbon and what I knew of Kentucky was limited to what I’d learned by teaching remotely. Now I find myself eyeing the Kentucky whiskey and bourbon displays at the local and wondering which one might be to my liking.

Yeah, this is a romance. The heat comes from more than just the bourbon and every book has a couple of scenes where the characters heat up. I never found them to be gratuitous nor salacious and I read quite a lot of this series (like eight of them, I think). I’d read more but I need to get my head away from Woodford’s Reserve.

The thing for me was the town – Bourbon Springs. Bramseth did such a great job painting in the town to create a stage for her stories to play on. That depth, woven over time with layers of culture and history, gave each of her pairings more depth as the series unfolded. I did not find the problem of “cookie cutter” stories as each new couple paired off and followed the same story line over and over. Loners and misfits, misunderstanding and miscommunication all contribute to the richness of Bourbon Springs.

I’ve included the link to the free box set of the first three books. If you ever thought about trying some romance – and even if you haven’t – this is a nifty place to start. Why not grab your copy, settle in with whatever beverage of choice you enjoy, and begin to discover the warmth of a good Kentucky Hug.

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