September Song

I’m late on this. Sorry. It’s been a month already and it’s only the 13th.

I just got back from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s annual convention and I’m fired up. The book (Suicide Run) took a hit over the end of August and the first couple of weeks of September. I thought I was going to have to chuck it and start over. I’ve spent the last couple of days reviewing it and I’m working with what I have there because I think it actually does work. I’m hoping to get a first draft done by the end of the month.

To Fire Called released on Audible yesterday.

Nothing else has changed.


  1. Bummer about Suicide Run, but hey, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    And I mean really…you can’t murder Suicide Run…………….

    Hope the numbers are doing good.

  2. Vicki Powell says:

    Have all your books and all Audible books as well. Love them! I know you are working on Suicide Run but when we expect In Fire Forged?

  3. JRH Alabama says:

    Hello Cap’n, no need to apologize to us, while we eagerly await the next installment, its more important that you keep yourself well! So much enjoyment out of Ishmael’s life story, I hope the series never ends! It is a truly refreshing tale that I have reread many times, and many more to come!

    • I second JRH statement!!! I enjoy your writing and the worlds you have created, please keep up the great work.

  4. I think of CME’s as star sneezes, thanks to you. It’s my favorite part of your writing when Ish saves the crew of the Lois by the seat of his pants and the teamwork of his shipmates.

  5. Writing is your business. With “Called to fire” you have to decide if is fixable or not. We cant know since we cant see though your eyes. Your name and your reputation are some of your major assets. You have to decide if it is good or bad enough or just needs an adjustment. Good luck.

  6. To Fire Called. I just started it and love it. I really needed an Ishmael fix this month. Perfect timing. You are a brilliant soul.

  7. Also just started listening to ‘Fire’. Its good. Really good. Thank you

  8. Just finished “In Ashes Born”, and I am thrilled. I will await the next book.

    Thank you

  9. Derek Ollom says:

    Thanks for thinking of your readers but these thing take the time they take. I am looking forward to your next Seeker book. I just re-read all the Share and Seeker books. Other than the odd annoying typo they are really very enjoyable.

  10. Watch “Forks Over Knives” on Netflix if you want too know how to cure diabetes. Worked for me.

  11. Just finished To Fire Called, and I am all geeked for the next book.