September Song

01-Milk_Run_corcy_ebook_smallerThe newest book is out!

The first book in the new Smuggler’s Tales dropped and I’m pleased with the results so far. Milk Run features Natalya Regyri and her wingman, Zoya Usoko, in an adventure in Toe-Hold space. It took me long enough to get the book going but I’m pleased with the way it has worked out.

Some of you will recognize the first three chapters as the short story “Exile” which appeared earlier this year in the Starbound anthology. Starbound was only available for three months and has now been taken down from Amazon but when I got the story back, I knew it was the perfect opening for Milk Run.

You can find more information about Toe-Hold space on the Solar Clipper Diary’s side-bar under A Traveler’s Guide To Toe-Hold Space.

Next in my word processor: To Fire Called – book two in the Seeker’s Tales – where we find out what’s happened to Ishmael, Pip, and the Chernyakova. I’m hoping for a release before year’s end.

Audiophiles have already found the new Audible editions of the Trader’s Tales. Podium has released the first three already and Double Share is available for pre-order from Audible now.

Later this month I’ll be in Denver at the Colorado Gold Conference of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. There’s a public book signing at the Denver Renaissance Hotel from 8-10pm. If you’re in the area and always wanted to get a signed edition, that’s a great chance. It will be my first time attending and I’m looking forward to a weekend of hanging with other local writers.

That’s it for now.

Safe voyage!


  1. Robert E Graham says:

    Just finished “Milk Run,” Nathan, and it is absolutely BRILLIANT. I cannot wait to follow these new stories along with the continued Ishmael journey. Thank you!

  2. I just bought it on AMAZON!!! I have Kindle unlimited and could have gotten it for free, but hit purchase to support you! Keep at it, I’ve never read a more peaceful and enjoyable yarn in my life!

    • Really looking forward to the new Ishmael book – TO FIRE CALLED in paperback. I’m loving his adventures.

  3. I had an author tell me she made more money if people used Kindle Unlimited than if they bought the book. I have no idea why.

    • Fred, it depends on how long the book is and what the price point is. A long book with a small price *could* earn more at half a cent per page than the revenue from a sale.

  4. I read it in one sitting! Very enjoyable.

  5. I just bought it. Next book on the reading list as soon as i’ve finished my current Novel “Stranger in a Strange Land” one of Heinleins classics.

  6. Charlie Russel says:

    Please, sir. Can I have some more?

    Bought, read. Will re-read next week. I’m very much liking where this story line appears to be going.

  7. Slamlander says:

    Bought it on Kindle 😉
    I am very happy that this is the one out first, before ‘To the fire called –‘ because I think that this is a better story line. I just got it and haven’t read it yet, doing so after I hit ‘Post’.

  8. I bought it at the end of last week and finished it on Sunday. A great story with all kinds of unanswered questions for the next book. Now I have two series where I can hardly wait for the next book, Seeker’s Tales and Smuggler’s Tales!

  9. John Hyatt says:

    NAILED IT! (From my Amazon Review…) I have been waiting (VERY impatiently, truth be told) a LONG time for this book. I have been (in equal measures) both nervous and anxious to see what The Captain would bring out, I mean how could this Universe work without Ish, Pip, and the Gang??? The answer, quite simply, is BRILLIANTLY! I spent the first half of the book revelling in being back in the Deep Dark, and the second half dreading the coming finish (only because it would be OVER!!!). I am going to wait as long as I can – maybe until after supper – and read it again! Thanks, Skipper, you NAILED this sucker! Tell me you have the next one ready for release!

    Nathan, you crushed it! Thanks SO much! Supper time is over and I am back at it again… I read through the book the first time at lightning speed, so this time, I am going to savour it… Might EVEN have some left for tomorrow!

  10. James Caplan says:

    The blurb sounded so familiar- then I realized I had read it in Starbound. Now, I get to find out what happened next.
    What happened, if I may ask, to that book?

    • Starbound was a limited time edition. When the book came down, I got the story back and knew that it was the missing piece I needed to make Milk Run work.

  11. Rich Van Ollefen says:

    Very nice. The beginning of learning about Toe Hold Space was fascinating, I look forward to more

  12. Love the new book just as much as I’ve loved every other book you’ve written in this universe. Your slice-of-life storytelling is incredibly compelling. So much so in fact that I have spent countless hours trying to find other authors that might give me the same fix in-between installments of your series, though I have had no such luck.

    As always, I’m eagerly awaiting your next novel. Be proud, good sir.

  13. Michael Johnston says:

    I have inhaled all of your Dark Space books in the last couple of weeks, in a ‘can’t put them down’ mode, then started re-reading the last couple…Owner’s Share and In Ashes Born…I have laughed and cried over the characters. Excellent works! I consider them among the best I have ever read in a 50+ years of SciFi reading, including Heinlein, Asimov, and more lately, David Weber. 6 stars.

    Looking forward to the next, To Fire Called – I hope it rolls out of your computer soon!

  14. Shelly Mo0rgenstern says:

    I just read Milk Run, and enjoyed it to the point that I would love to read book 2 in the series

  15. oh, I was up WAAAAAAAAAAAY past my bedtime reading this! Loved it.

    • And in the last chapter, the mention of the new chief engineer makes me make a guess of the chief engineers we’ve met… due to being spoilery I won’t name anyone here…not that I’m not tempted!

  16. Kevin Scott says:

    I had to force myself to not read it in one sitting. I am very anxiously awaiting your next book.

  17. If TIC is so aware of the goings on in Toehold space, why is the Chernyakova so important? I’m confused.

    • Exactly the right question.

      • Andrew Tobin says:

        I’ve just read all the books in the span of a week, so I’ve probably missed something, but I just finished Milk Run for reference…

        I think it’s because there’s two Toe–Hold’s. The places that TIC know about, like Dark Knight, that have rules and work within limitations… people like Margaret Newmar deal with… and then there’s beyond that.

        In Milk Run it’s discussed several times that there are bound to be other places where people can disappear to, from “people willing to sell maps to El Dorado” to wherever Natalya’s father has disappeared, to wherever they’re hiding a prototype ship.

        I think that’s the DarkSide that Ish is looking for as well.

        The part of Toe-Hold we’ve seen is the part that’s part of the cog in the machine of civilized society – the part that’s accepted where people that don’t fit the rules can go… but it’s discussed in Milk Run that people know about that – it’s a conceit of what they accept… if guys who really didn’t like the society and rules knew that then they’d go further.

        Iron Mountain seems like part of that, but it was also discussed that they may be a scapegoat for all ills of the galaxy.

        Anyway, loving the series and looking forward to the next one! (And if that Engineer turns out to be Greta…………. ;))

  18. ROGER FILLION says:

    Loved it from the first page. When are you going to have book #2 ready for us to read, soon I hope.

  19. troy bennett says:

    I misses the traders tales series:(

  20. My wife and I are reading “In Ashes Born” together and this (“Milk Run”) is up next. Great job Cap!