South Coast

South Coast Cover ArtBack when this all started in 2007, I wrote four novels. The first three “Share” books and for NaNoWriMo a bonus novel — South Coast. It’s taken me the better part of two weeks to get it cleaned up. That’s after having an editor work it over.

It went live on Nook, Kobo, and KDP over the last couple of days.



  1. Thanks for this, I’ve read all your published works but have yet to experience the South Coast due to not really being into Listening to Books. I am excited to get started. Also, very nice job on all the new covers, absolutely a step above.

  2. Finished it and looking forward to the sequel.

  3. just finished south coast, and anxiously waiting the next. You have rekindled my love for reading for enjoyment. Love your work! Thanks!