South Coast

Back when this all started in 2007, I wrote four novels. The first three "Share" books and for NaNoWriMo a bonus novel -- South Coast. It's taken me the better part of two weeks to get it cleaned up. That's after having an editor work it over. It went live on Nook, Kobo, and KDP over the last couple of days. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Mid January Status Report

January's about half over and after being a prat about my work load the other day, I thought I'd share some of the stuff I'm doing. This image is what I've done this month. The circles around the dates are for my daily walk/podcast. Red means I didn't walk. Green means I walked and did the podcast. Blue means I walked but the podcast file failed. In the boxes are what I did. For the first week, my word counts were zero. We were still on Holiday Schedule here with family home and kids … [Read more...]

Captain’s Share

I've been trying to notify the email list since Friday, but apparently I'm still having problems reaching all the addresses on the list. I'll be sending out another message today. My apologies for those who've received all the messages but I'm really at a loss. All I can do is tweak and try again. [EDIT: The first email test crashed and burned. I'm setting up a new server and we'll try again. 8:41AM MDT] The real news! Captain's Share is now available on Kindle and should make an … [Read more...]

Red, White, and Rue

Happy summer, everybody in the northern hemisphere. It never ceases to amaze me that I need to qualify that kind of greeting because some of you are in the throes of winter. For you winter isn't coming, it's here. Bundle up! :) I'm currently hiding in the cool cellar of my home, closeted with the word processor and trying to get this contract job off my desk. So far, I'm now on the fourth start--appropriate for the Fourth of July--but hardly conducive to actually finishing it. I was … [Read more...]

Hearts and Flowers

It's been too long since I left an update on publication status here. I forget that not everybody follows Talking on My Morning Walk nor does everyone check Solar Clipper or Lammas Wood. So on this weekend after Valentine's Day please accept my apologies ... and this status update. Covers: I now have them for all the books that are currently written. They should appear here as the new titles get re-released. It's taking longer than I'd hoped. Re-releases: Full Share has been at … [Read more...]

Nathan Lowell Has A New Face

Recently a friend pointed out that if he typed in, it came to my website but then he couldn't find my books. I realized that he did something perfectly normal that I never would have considered. The links were there but hard to find. There was a big picture of me, but a lot of little blocks of text. This is the result of that conversation. Whether I'll move more of my blogging here, or just use it as an umbrella to link all the various Nathan Lowell properties remains to … [Read more...]