South Coast

Back when this all started in 2007, I wrote four novels. The first three "Share" books and for NaNoWriMo a bonus novel -- South Coast. It's taken me the better part of two weeks to get it cleaned up. That's after having an editor work it over. It went live on Nook, Kobo, and KDP over the last couple of days. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Exoskeleton Update

Since my birthday last month, I've been cranking up the production. For the first time ever, all the Shares are now in paper. I've got the galley proofs for all of Tanyth's adventures enroute. If you're counting, that's six books converted from ebook to paper in the last four weeks. STOP. You can't buy them yet. I still need to mark them up and get the galleys approved. I have a schedule that should have all the Shares available by mid-December. Tanyth's books will be a bit later. I'm … [Read more...]

Mid January Status Report

January's about half over and after being a prat about my work load the other day, I thought I'd share some of the stuff I'm doing. This image is what I've done this month. The circles around the dates are for my daily walk/podcast. Red means I didn't walk. Green means I walked and did the podcast. Blue means I walked but the podcast file failed. In the boxes are what I did. For the first week, my word counts were zero. We were still on Holiday Schedule here with family home and kids … [Read more...]

Owner’s Share

Owner's ShareNathan Lowell; Durandus 2014WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder  Sometimes getting what you want is not enough. When Diurnia Salvage and Transport undergoes a change in management, Captain Ishmael Horatio Wang finds himself adrift in a sea of red ink, and intrigue.He dives in only to find that he is over his head in a universe where cut-throat competition takes on an all new meaning. What tragic price will he pay for his Owner’s Share? You can listen to this … [Read more...]

Captain’s Share

Captain's Share: Book FiveNathan Lowell; Durandus 2013WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder  The Golden Age of Sail has Returned -- in the Year 2352 A good captain protects his crew. Who protects the captain? A shuffling of cabins puts Ishmael Horatio Wang in command of the worst ship in the fleet. He learns that being captain doesn't make you infallible and that life in the captain's cabin is filled with new kinds of challenge as he tries to keep the ship moving, the crew … [Read more...]

Ishmael Wang Is Coming Home

According to US Postal Service records, they delivered a priority mail letter to the offices of Ridan Publishing yesteday morning at 10:59 AM. That letter informed them of my decision to take back the rights to publish the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series. Effective November 6, 2012, their license to publish my books expires. That means at least three things. One, I'm going to be tied up getting the books in shape to re-publish under my own brand. That means new covers, a new … [Read more...]

Double Share

Double share: Book FourNathan Lowell; Durandus 2013WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder AN INEXPERIENCED OFFICER. A DYSFUNCTIONAL SHIP. LIFE IN THE DEEP DARK JUST GOT A LOT HARDER. In his first assignment as an officer, Ishmael Horatio Wang finds himself fresh out of school, wet behind the ears, and way out of his depth. Aboard the William Tinker the senior officers are derelict and abusive, the crew demoralized and undisciplined, and change unwelcomed and dangerous. Can Ishmael use … [Read more...]

Half Share

Half ShareNathan Lowell; WorldCat•LibraryThing• SIX MONTHS IN THE DEEP DARK. FOUR VERY DIFFERENT WOMEN. ONE MAN DISCOVERS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A SPACER. It's a time of change on the Lois McKendrick. Sarah Krugg joins the mess deck and Ishmael Wang moves to the environmental section. Just after getting accustomed to life aboard a solar clipper, Ishmael must learn a whole new set of skills, face his own fears and doubts, and try to balance love and loss in the depths of space. Both Ish and … [Read more...]

Quarter Share

Quarter ShareNathan Lowell; The Golden Age of Sail has Returned -- in the Year 2352 When his mother dies in a flitter crash, eighteen-year-old Ishmael Horatio Wang must find a job with the planet company or leave the system--and NerisCo isn't hiring. With credits running low, and prospects limited, he has just one enlist for two years with a deep space commercial freighter. Ishmael, who only rarely visited the Neris Orbital, and has never been off-planet alone before, finds … [Read more...]