Day 1329: Novel Rama Day 3

Ugh. I made my 7k yesterday. The story is moving. I’m dragging. 1800 words before the walk. I’m still recovering from the rain, the grocery run, and getting side-tracked by food.

#tommw 46F overcast. Breezy

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Day 1328: Novel Rama Day 2

With 7000 words yesterday and 2000 words behind me this morning, I’m having the best few days of writing I’ve enjoyed in months. Let’s see how long I can keep this up.

#tommw 40F calm. Scattered clouds

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Day 1327: RMFW Novel Rama Day 1

So I’m working on the 25k in 4day challenge. With 2k under my belt and the time consuming chores largely behind me, I only need another 4,250 words to make the quota for today. I’ll try to put some extra in the bank!

#tommw 42F windy. Overcast

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