September Song

I'm late on this. Sorry. It's been a month already and it's only the 13th. I just got back from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer's annual convention and I'm fired up. The book (Suicide Run) took a hit over the end of August and the first couple of weeks of September. I thought I was going to have to chuck it and start over. I've spent the last couple of days reviewing it and I'm working with what I have there because I think it actually does work. I'm hoping to get a first draft done by the … [Read more...]

Dog Days

August snuck up on me, in spite of having "Monthly update" on my to-do list for the last week. :/ What am I working on? Suicide Run. I need to get this baby rolling along. It's ... complicated. I'm struggling to find the focus and motivation I need to push through this mushy middle part and get the story a little more meat. Some days (weeks) are like that. I still haven't finalized the edits for South Coast so the paperback is languishing here on my desk, giving me accusing looks and … [Read more...]