Happy Hollandaise

The year is wrapping up. I wish this story would. I'm still grinding away on Suicide Run - Book 2 in the Smuggler's Tales. I've got lots and lots of words but the story isn't there yet. Fingers crossed that I'll at least get a first draft by month end. I've got South Coast almost ready for paperback with Milk Run and To Fire Called on deck for conversion. Artistic Whispers is still working on the Audible versions of Tanyth Fairport Adventures. Podium is caught up with me on … [Read more...]

Now, November

I realized (a week or so ago) that I forgot to post for October. Just as well, there wasn't much to say. Where are we now? - Podium has released To Fire Called for Audible. - Suicide Run is being difficult. I think I'm past the worse of it. Look for it to release before the end of the year. - All the Tanyth Fairport books are still in production for Audible. Don't know what the delivery date on that will be. I'll let you know when they're available. - Paperbacks pending for: South … [Read more...]