Ground Hog Day

That time of the year when I stick my head up to update you on what's happening. The good news is that I've finally broken the logjam on To Fire Called. I figured out what I'd done wrong. The bad news is that I may have made another bad turn and I can't seem to find the path to the end of the story. Fingers crossed that this doesn't last much longer. On the subject of audio: I'm getting a lot of pressure to put Natalya's stories into Audible. They'll get there, just not right away. I … [Read more...]

A Decade

On this day in history, I took up the challenge to write science fiction. Little did I know what I'd started. It's true that I wrote four books that year - and podcast them all at before the year was out. I haven't managed to replicate that feat, and I probably never will. Starting out, it's easy to find something to do better on the next book. After twelve titles, just defining what better might be becomes a challenge - as is finding new stories to tell. I'm working on … [Read more...]