Crossing In Time

crossing_in_timeThis story of star-crossed—nay, universe-crossed—lovers flung across space and time gallops, carrying readers on a witty adventure.

DL Orton has a keen eye for details and a sure hand with words. Her deft dialogue guarantees that each character is believable and all serve a real purpose. A reader can see, feel and smell the ocean, the snow, the suffocation of being underground despite knowing the cave is enormous. As many answers as there are, more questions remain, begging for not just a sequel but also spin-offs in which secondary characters take the leading roles.

It was a pleasure to read this nicely edited book. My mental red pencil lay largely inactive, gaining Crossing in Time a rating of Excellent in proofreading column. It is a dimension-hopping tale, and the author handled those details well, although it could still feel confusing to those of us stuck in one place and time.

Oh, and the romance? It’s hot.

About The Reviewer:

Deanne_charltonDeanne Charlton is a well-traveled writer whose first book was a construction paper tome of 16 pages at age 8. She tortured her parents with homemade stage plays, using a sliding glass door to introduce characters. Eventually, she segued into real life, fulfilling a college degree and practicing several professions, and then she retreated to her make-believe world and the friends it now presents. While comfortable with poetry, she ventures into prose upon occasion, including short stories, essays, and book reviews. She curates a writer-dense Facebook group at DCharltonEdits, provides editing services, and tweets as @dcwrites. She is tender, fierce, and loyal.

2 thoughts on “Crossing In Time”

  1. It doesn’t get any better than “tender, fierce, and loyal,” Deanne. ♥️

    Thanks for sharing some of that heady mix with me and my books. I would LOVE to read (help publish?) a spin-off if you’re so inclined to write one! (Pleeease?)

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