The Freezer

the-freezerThe Freezer is a science fiction story offering a fascinating glimpse into a complex future. The book opens with the reader as confused and disoriented as the main character, Jack Taggart, allowing us to discover what has happened to his life at the same time as he does. What is revealed is a world that is both inspired and troubled, combining utopian, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic elements. There are political and military machinations, as well as some interesting ideas regarding relationships and how they are thought of in a society that must be far more pragmatic than that which Jack left behind.

Mr Kersten perfectly wove together these elements to keep the story moving forward, introducing us to new characters, situations, and ideas along the way. The more I read the more I wanted to read, and I found myself mourning each time I had to stop. My only complaint is that it ended too soon, so I look forward to the next chapter, which I hope is just around the corner.

About the reviewer:

bl-alleyAs a boy I escaped the real world by reading everything from The Hardy Boys to darker tales by Poe and Jacobs. Even with such diverse literary tastes, my primary interest has always been science fiction. I also created my own stories in high school and college, but never considered writing anything long form until 2006. That’s when an abandoned roadside attraction called Twin Arrows sparked an idea for a story.

With my passion for storytelling rekindled I wrote when I could, and in early 2014 Arbor Day was published. During that time I came up with other ideas for novels, including a ghost story titled The Diamond, and one involving time travel, titled Relative Age. I also developed the remaining notes for Arbor Day into a pair of follow-up novels, Titan Mine and Plan B, and The Arosil Series was complete.

I currently reside in Northern Arizona but can be found online at

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