Griffin’s Daughter

Year’s ago and miles away I used to be published by a small press. One of my fellow authors there wrote a delightful fantasy series called Griffin’s Daughter. Book one shared the title with the series. As I was wandering through my oldest Kindle titles, I found this and was reminded.

This story has been through a lot of changes. I listened to it on Podiobooks even before I read it. The story of a girl who’s neither fish nor fowl, who has to find her way in a world where history lives and where prophecy can take shape, has stayed with me over the years. This first volume was a smooth read, easily drawing me into the world and leaving just enough to hook me into the following books. Moore has a sharp touch with world building and the ability to bring even the most fantastical happenings into the real.

I enjoyed the saga. Perhaps you might try a sample and see if you agree.

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