Even The Wingless

WARNING: This story is dark. Not dark like chocolate. Dark like blood. It runs – by turns – horrifying, grotesque, and utterly spellbinding.

Some time ago we had a review of Earthrise and MindTouch, both solid, feel-good stories if a bit on the offbeat side. The Prince’s Game series explores the darker side of her universe and how power binds those who wield it as much as those who are victims of it. If you want to appreciate the genius that is Maggie Hogarth, you need to read this unflinching tale of power, pain, and redemption.

As always, don’t take my word for it. Grab a sample and see for yourself – but don’t be surprised by how it makes you feel. I’ve warned you.

About the reviewer:

NathanLowell_150x150Nathan Lowell has been writing science fiction and fantasy most of his life. He started publishing in 2007 and has no intention of stopping any time soon.

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One thought on “Even The Wingless”

  1. I don’t normally read dark fiction, but EVEN THE WINGLESS is remarkable, compelling and triumphant. I loved the characterization on Lisinthir especially, and the way the Slave Queen uses what look like weaknesses as superpowers. It’s my favorite of Hogarth’s books. Definitely worth the read.

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