A Year In Reviews

A year ago tomorrow, I started this blog so that authors would have a place to review other works they enjoyed and admired. Over the last fifty-two weeks, we’ve published three-a-week reviews of indie titles from science fiction to mystery to romance to … I’ve lost track. That’s 156 works by indie authors that other authors recommend.

When I started, I hoped this catalog of indie works would introduce people to the world of indie novels – and the authors who read it, write it, and enjoy it. I think we’ve done a good job across a wide variety of works by a wide variety of people. I could wish for more but when you rely on volunteers the only thing to say is “thanks.”

This may be the last post because I’ve run out of works in my own reading list (600+ titles over a five year period) and I can’t read fast enough to keep posting three reviews a week of great books I’ve read. I read a lot – sometimes five or six titles a week – but some are books I won’t recommend because they’re follow-on books in a series that I enjoyed. It feels cheaty to recommend book three in a series. Some are books I didn’t enjoy enough to recommend. Not that they’re bad books – a book that can’t get me to the end of the sample, isn’t necessarily bad – but it’s not a book I’m willing to say “Yeah! This was good. You might try it.”

I don’t know what we’ll do in the future, but perhaps enough indie authors will be willing to fill in the holes going forward.

Thanks to all who’ve supported the experiment over the last year. Like a good book, we’re going to turn the page here and see what comes next.

2 thoughts on “A Year In Reviews”

  1. Instead of 3 a week, could it be the most worthy each month as I presume for indie writers a positive reviews from a peer trumps all and it could be the positive encouragement they need to keep going in those moments when the wall seems insurmountable

  2. I have only just found this marvellous resource and I’m working my way (backwards) through your reviews finding lots of new and interesting things to read. Please don’t give up entirely on this – although I do think the list you have compiled so far will keep me busy for quite a while.

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