Autumn Update

autumnOctober is one of my favorite months. The cooler weather, the changing colors, and the shift in diet to soups and stews all remind me of growing up in rural Maine. While I don’t have to dig up the potatoes any more, and my gardening is limited to clipping back the odd shrub, it’s still a month I look forward to.

This year, I’m looking forward to finishing To Fire Called and getting it out. I’m about 27k words into it and – while the story isn’t what I expected (they never are) – I’m still pleased with what’s happening.

Podium releases Captain’s Share on Audible this month. It’s available for pre-order now and will drop on October 11. Owner’s Share is on schedule for release in November and In Ashes Born in mid-December. That’s another little spur to get To Fire Called done. They’ve reserved a slot in December for Jeffrey to record it for release in January. But I have to write it first.

Milk Run has had some mixed reviews. At least a few people expected more in the way of smuggling and we might see that. My goal was to introduce Natalya and Zoya, Toe-Hold space, and give readers a chance to see how it is so they can compare it to what Pip has told Ishmael about it. I achieved my goals and I’m pleased with the way the book has been received in general.

Last month I was at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers annual Colorado Gold conference and later this month I’ll be at MileHighCon – the annual SF fan convention in Denver. I’m still planning on going to COSine in January.

Some of you may have noticed that the websites were all offline last week. We did a little cleanup and de-lousing with the help of Bluehost’s support team. Apparently we’d become infested with some unsavory hitchhikers. In theory we’re cleaned up and spiffy now.

Thanks to everybody for your continued support. Safe voyage.


  1. Nathan

    It’s good to see all those audio books coming out, I plan on buying them all in one hit, or at least all the Trader’s tales anyway. It is good to see Ish back in the saddle, I know you’re not even half way through the next trilogy, but I want even more of him.

    I know the Muse is a fickle woman, but I still want more (<– the problem with readers everywhere I'm guessing)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I appreciate your work, and I hope to see more of it.


    • Thanks. Fingers crossed.

    • I agree with Chris: It’s good to be seeing (and reading!) more of your work. Here at my house we all love it.

      re the audio books, I’ve listened to a couple of the previews of the Audible versions, and while it’s great to have the later (and one presumes more fully edited) editions in audio, I really do prefer the voice of Nathan Lowell to that of the fellow who reads the new ones. Too bad we can’t clone you, so one of you would have time to do the new readings while the other one continues to write new stuff! 🙂

      • I agree. I listened to the audible preview for the books, and I can’t wrap my head around them. The reader just doesn’t understand the characters, he’s honestly quite flat, and misses the point of much of the dialogue. Honestly, he reads really fast as well, without inflection, and with drastically missed timing or tempo, there’s no poetry to his words.

        I have the original podcasts still, but I too will miss Nathan’s voice telling Ishmael’s new story.

        I will always support you Nathan, and purchase every book you write, both in physical and ebook, but I just can’t bring myself to support the audibles. Sadly, they just fall flat.

        Looking forward to the next Ishmael book! Keep it up sir!

  2. The differences between the cloud of negativity and the hope, for Toe-Hold is interesting. I’m looking forward to more Ish, but I also can’t wait to find out more about Natalya and Zoya… I mean, if someone has the prototype, then… where are they flying it? It’s not being seen in known Toe-Hold… and if you need something like that, then there’s a lot being shipped in the DarkSide of unknown Toe-Hold.

    Thanks for the update.

  3. Charlie Russel says:

    I’m enjoying finding out about Natalya and Zoya, not at all concerned that there isn’t much “smuggling” yet, or even if there ever is. The tale takes you where it takes you, and I’m along for the enjoyment!

    I have all the Audible versions, having also listened to all the podcast versions. I’m enjoying the Audible ones, and have Captain’s Share on pre-order. I’ll just pop onto my iPhone when it releases. 🙂

    Thanks, as always,


  4. Jeff Dixon says:

    I just have to say thanks for destroying my plans for Saturday. I was noodling around my audio books collection and realized I hadn’t checked on what you’d written in awhile. A new Ish book! I immediately bought it and sat down to “start” reading it. Several hours later after laughing out loud quite a few times and having to clear lumps in my throat, I was done. In Ashes Born feels like coming back to an old friend.

    Thank you for continuing the Ish tales. Of course now I’m feeling somewhat like a junkie waiting for a new fix.


  5. Bill Norris says:

    I’ve read all you books and enjoy listening to the audio versions even more. Something just rings true about the way you write and the characters seem like they are more believable than most books. I love books that have one or two main characters and don’t confuse you by jumping to another story line for a hundred pages while you wonder what is going on. Keep up the great work and thank you for writing things I enjoy!


  6. Really looking forward to the new Ish book, keep up the good work!

  7. Jerry Barnes says:

    I loved Milk Run, thought it was one of your best, but I like all of your books.

  8. Listening to Solar Clipper series second time and enjoying even more.

  9. Looking eagerly forward to “To Fire Called”.

    Not sure what that title means in light of Phoenix Freight. It is either going to go up in flames or be the birth of something interesting, or both. Either way it will be good to read the next installment.

  10. John Applewhaite says:

    I really enjoy the Solar Clipper series. I get tired of earth and mankind always on the edge of extinction. I love the detail and Capt. Wang. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  11. Luke Tallant says:


    I’ve been a voracious reader all my life. Not many authors get a second chance to get my attention, most get read once. I’ve re-read all (yup, all) of your books at least three times now. Keep up the excellent work. I look forward to seeing where we go next.

  12. Calum Montanye says:

    As Quentin Barnes is so apt in saying… “The only variable is time.” I for one am here to enjoy the ride. Take us where you will it is your story to tell.

  13. Craig Lewis says:

    To me, a big point with Milk Run is, this is a criminal underworld, with the near-inherent suspicion, distrust, and violence that implies…coupled with the mutual interference space stations *require*. The Trader’s Tales mostly focus on the positive, structured merchant marine life, with Owner’s Share getting somewhat into the issues of an indie skipper. Milk Run starts the third view.

    And I read this before Ashes…glad I did…….

  14. Jim Adams says:

    I read Milk Run first. I liked your style enough that I went back and started the whole series with Ish. Sure it isn’t a swashbuckling read but you did a good job of showing life on a merchant vessel.

    I particularly liked your use of Tai Chi to get out of predicaments.

  15. Jared Tritsch says:

    I am so glad In Ashes Born brings back the clever, witty Ishmael I’ve been following for nearly a decade! I was so sad reading Owner’s share and how the character was left. I felt he needed more, and MY GODS AND GARTERS he’s getting it!

    Thanks so much for your writing, it has meant a lot to me in my life. I reread the whole series at least once a year now.

  16. Charlie Russel says:

    Owner’s Share is up for Pre-Order on Audible. So go on over and order it!

  17. any update on when the next book will be out?