Hermit of Lammas Wood

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Some journeys take you where you need to be.

Tanyth Fairport makes her way through the Lammas Wood to discover that the last of the Old Witch Women isn’t exactly what she expected. When greedy businessmen from the mainland threaten those she loves, Tanyth must put aside her fear and give herself over to her gifts.

A journey twenty winters in the making may come to naught when Tanyth learns the secret of The Hermit of Lammas Wood.

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  1. I have fully enjoyed the entire “Trader’s Tales” series. I was also very impressed when I asked a question of the author and he replied personally to my question. Great narrator and even better author. I am looking forward to the sequels to “Tanyth Fairport Adventures”. I have not found another author that can take a-day-in-the-life story and totally captivate me. Thank you!